Add Entity From Document


I am trying to use UWAZI to document police abuse. I am starting with a set of documents that contain disciplinary records for misconduct. I see that I can highlight text and build a table of contents, but I would love to be able to highlight the name and turn that into an entity. Is this possible? Otherwise, it appears I would have to leave the document view, create and entity, then go back and create the relationship, but with multiple entities per document, this will be slow going. Would love to hear thoughts/input.



Hello Abi,

Thanks for the feedback. What you are describing is a user workflow that we want to implement into Uwazi as soon as we have the chance. Unfortunately, at the moment you can’t work with Uwazi in that way. That said, you don’t have to leave the document viewer to create instances, you can open “Uploads” section in a new tab, create an entity and then link it from the document.

I hope this helps until we can improve the UX for pulling metadata straight from document’s content.