Coordinating documentation efforts with allies


Ideally, documentation should not be done in isolation. There are often other organisations collecting and using data related to enforced disappearances but they may have different goals. How can groups work together by sharing resources and/or information to strengthen this work? In this discussion thread, participants will share their experiences, challenges and good practices related to collaborating and coordinating documentation efforts with other organisations.

Community Discussion on Documenting the Disappeared: November 2017

i had a bad experience when i was work on illegal immigrants in libya
most of the immigrants from west africa they do not have passports or any kind of identity documents also there is no lists for the immigrants
the worst thing when you try to document the immigrants most of them trying to give fake identity
for example if you ask about the people from niger everyone told me i am from niger
no one can work without networking between the organizations from libya with the organizations in the counrtries where the immigrants come from