Mobile phone as a scanner?


I was just using an mobile app to scan and create a pdf doc earlier and thought this could be a make-shift solution in remote locations and/or if you haven’t manage to find a proper scanning device.

For the application, I use Evernote. I understand there are other applications, including CamScanner or Office Lense, you can use too.

In terms of the hardware, my phone’s camera resolution was good enough. But it was bit tricky to figure out the lighting and my hands were bit shaky. For this i think using cardboard to create a structure may help as can be seen here:


If you have an Android phone, you can use Google’s “scan with camera” feature found in Google Drive. Here’s a good guide on how to use it: This is a probably a great solution for some because it’s free (but of course there is the downside of trusting Google with all of content of your scanned documents!). CamScanner also has a free version of their app

I would be really interested to hear from others how practical this solution is for digitising documents!