Recommendations for hardware (e.g. scanner, OCR software)?


An important element of any digitisation project is the hardware. The right hardware will save you lots of time (and your sanity).

When selecting a scanner, considerations may include: the duty cycle, feeder tray, duplex, and speed. What considerations went into your scanner selection process? What did you miss that you wish you would have included in this list? What scanner did you end up using? How did it work? What advice would you give to others who are shopping for a scanner?

Will your project require optical character recognition (OCR) software? OCR software will help your computer analyse printed text and translate it into something it can process. It is particularly helpful for digital archives of documents because it allows you to search for text within scanned documents. Some scanners come with a version of this software, but your project might require something more robust.

If you have experience using OCR for digitisation projects, how did you know you needed OCR software? Where did you purchase your software? Was there additional software you needed to purchase? Please share any advice on finding the right software for a digitisation project.

Thank you!