User need: Share a subset of my dataset with another person or dataset


There are many situations in which a person or an organization may want to share a subset of their dataset with another person/organization/project.

  • Many documentation projects involve a network of organizations. Each organization in the network will need a way to capture information on human rights violations and share them with the coordinating organization.
  • Similarly, one organization may have several or many data collectors who need to capture and share information back to the organization.
  • An organization’s mission and work may overlap with another organization, in which case it might be helpful to be able to share a subset of data. For example, an organization is documenting violations in a region of Mexico, and another organization is documenting violations of childrens’ rights in Mexico. The data of these two organizations may complement each other in order to verify existing information or to fill in missing pieces.
  • You may want to only share specific fields of your information with another project.
  • One dataset may be stronger when added to another existing dataset.

How can we create a platform or an ecosystem that will allow a person/organization/project to keep some data private, and to share a selected subset of data with another person/organization/project? Does the solution include API, or a robust permissions/roles system, or a federated content approach, or is this another part of the interoperability discussion we’ve been having?