Welcome to the HURIDOCS Collaboratory! Please introduce yourself

Welcome to the HURIDOCS Collaboratory!

What’s a collaboratory you ask? It describes an open space, creative process where a group of people work together to generate solutions to complex problems - and this is exactly what this space is intended to do.

We are a network of human rights practitioners, information wranglers, and technologists, and we use this forum to share our knowledge of and experience in tackling information challenges. By sharing and discussing our challenges and solutions openly, we aim to create a valuable knowledge base on human rights information management and documentation for the human rights community. This collaboratory is facilitated by HURIDOCS.

You don’t need to be an expert to contribute. You only need to share your questions. Every question is valuable because each problem that is shared provides an opportunity to learn about solutions. We invite you use this thread to introduce yourself - just hit ‘reply’ and let us know who you are and what brings you to this space. We’re glad to have you here!

Hello everyone!

My name is Friedhelm and I am working with HURIDOCS, where we work to support human rights organisations to use information effectively and securely. Over more than four years, I have learned with many members of the human rights movement about using documentation methdologies, implementing database tools or information security policies, all the while looking at the organisational dynamics that bring these initiatives to a success or failure.

I am really excited about this space and hope we will use it to share experiences and connect on a practical way, so we can realise new ideas and navigate challenges. Thank you everyone for taking interest and contributing.

Best wishes,


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Hi everyone!

My name is Manush from HURIDOCS. I am very excited to see this platform where we can share and access human right documentation and information management resources. I am looking forward to engaging into fruitful discussions and learning from everyone!

Best regards,

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Hello, all, I’m glad to see that the HURIDOCS collaborators is up and running and I look forward to being a participant!


Bula from Fiji

My name is Gyaneshwar Narayan.

I look forward to sharing my experience in regards to Digilization to help human rights defenders in figuring out the most efficient, affordable, and responsible way to digitize thousands of documents so that they are able to preserve, protect, or share with others.

I really hope my experience will help the course.

Kind Regards.


Dear all!

My name is not Lucy but you can call me this way :stuck_out_tongue:

Based in Geneva, currently interning in an NGO. I am a technologist, free and emerging software fanadict, wannabe linux sysadmin and IT support specialist. Also a (french) writer with an emphasis on social topics.

Looking forward to learn more from this newly born community, notably on operational security!
Also, congratulations to Huridocs for this platform. It looks and feels great!

Best to all,


Hi everyone,

I am jx from Taiwan. Most my working experience is about civil political rights issues but I am also interested in enhancing advocacy NGOs’ digitalised capacity compliance with the principle of responsible data and holistic security.

Glad to join Huridocs Collaboratory and looking forward to learn more from this community.



Hi, all!

I am Ivanka from the Philippines, working as Research and Documentation Officer for the Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD). Our federation documents cases of enforced disappearances in 10 countries in Asia.

I am excited to be part of this collaboratory! I am sure that I will learn so much from all of you, and am looking forward to share our federation’s experiences.

In Solidarity,


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I am Bert, Senior Documentalist at HURIDOCS. I am involved in various projects related to managing information about human rights violations, managing cases, public collections of case law… I also do needs assessment and provide workshops with and for HURIDOCS’ partners.

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Hi Everyone
Good to be on this platform. My name is Corlett Letlojane working with Human Rights Institute of South Africa (HURISA). Organisation was introduced to HURIDOCS in early nighties when concept of documentation of human rights violation was needed, to ascertain source of threats , intimidation, disappearances and extra judicial killings just before 1994. This led to organisation becoming host of historical collection of the Goldstone Commission of Inquiry. Country is experiencing forms of forced disappearances, especially to activist involved in protests against service delivery and violation of labour rights in the mining sector. We received report of a disappeared person, last seen after assisting arrested activists for exposing corruption and human right violations. There’s no political will from law enforcement, we were encouraged by this platform in working with others for improved advocacy and holding of perpetrators accountable. Also advocacy for ratification of UN Convention on Disappearances was recommended x 2 by HRC for our country to consider. So this is our ultimate goal and looking forward to learn more from experts on this collaborative platform


Hi Everyone

I am Gab from Nigeria. I am a technologist. I currently work with CLEEN Foundation as senior, I.T officer and i also freelance as web/graphic designer.

I am excited to be part of this collaboratory! I look forward to engaging in fruitful discussions. I am sure that I will learn so much from great minds and congratulations to Huridocs for this platform


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Hi all
I am Federico Vespignani, i’m an Italian documentary photographer currently working in Central America for an Italian news outlet on the issue of the forced disappearances in modern context between El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Thanks HURIDOCS for this great opportunity and i am looking forward for inspiring discussion.


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Dear All,

My name is Donatien Niyongendako, Burundian, technologist, based in Kampala Uganda and working with DefendDefenders (EHAHRDP).

I am involved in various projects related to managing information, computer programming, database development, digital security, design and web development, network & system administration.

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Hi dear all.
My name is Elena. I’m Mexican and I work at the Observatory of disappearance and impunity in Mexico, based at Flacso-México (in Mexico City). We analise NGOs’ and relatives organizations’ data, write reports about it, and lately we began to train relative organizations so they can document their own cases and the cases of coming relatives.
So… I’m looking forward to learn from you :slight_smile:

Hi All!

My name is Philippa, and I’m from Amnesty International. I worked for 2 years in the South Asia Regional Office, focusing partly on Sri Lanka. According to the UN, Sri Lanka has the world’s second largest number of enforced disappearances - up to 100,000. I was not involved in the collection / monitoring of data, but instead worked with the mothers, wives and families of the disappeared who are now calling for truth, justice and accountability. I am now in a different role at Amnesty - as the Learning and Accountability Officer in the Global Strategy and Impact Programme, which overseas global project management and strategy development.

Really looking forward to engaging with this platform, the talks and all of you!

Hello everyone,

My name is Tatiana Chernikova. I am working for Russian Human Rights Center Memorial. I am working on the issue of the execution of the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, including the cases on disappearances. I am preparing applications to the Russian investigative committee and to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

Best wishes,

Hello everyone,

My name is Janvier Hakizimana. I am a Senior Protection Associate at DefendDefenders and a PhD Candidate at Makerere University in Human Rights. I have been conducting a doctoral research on “Uganda NGOs’ Uptake of Human Rights Documentation Technologies to Protect the Right to Digital Privacy: Martus Praxis” since 2012. I have been conducting Martus consultancies, trainings and trainings of trainers for DefendDefenders, Strategic Initiative for Women in Horn of Africa (SIHA), Freedom House, International HIV Alliance/Association Nationale des Communautes de Sante (ANCS) and Federation Inernationale des Droits de l’Homme to train and provide continuous technical support to human rights organizations (HROs) and individual human rights documenters from Uganda, Burundi, Mali, Senegal, South Sudan, Sudan, Togo, Cameroon, Niger, Central African Republic ( CAR), Republic of Cote d’Ivoire (RCI), Niger and Somalia.

I am a fellow of SHUREA ( Strengthening Human Rights Education in Sub-Saharan Africa), a program to upgrade doctoral research and teaching skills in five universities namely Makerere University (Uganda), University of Pretoria ( South Africa), University of Nairobi ( Kenya), University of Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) and Abo Akademi ( Finland). As part of the PhD studies, I conducts lectures in human rights monitoring, documenting and reporting (MDR) and secure digital communications and databases at Makerere University and the Mountain of the Moon University (MMU) located respectively in Kampala and Fort Portal in Uganda. I have been using various human rights documentation technologies including Martus, OpenEvSys, KoBo ToolBox, CiviCRM and Google Forms.

I have customized data collection forms of more than 100 NGOs in Martus. I also customized the Burundi and Uganda administration units ( multi-tiered entities) to include the names of regions, districts/communes, counties/ sectors, sub counties, parishes and villages. I am finalizing the doctoral investigations on the reasons of the deficit in the uptake of human rights technologies by Uganda NGOs with a special focus on Martus praxis.

I am looking forward to interacting with you all as an academician and human rights practitioner looking at the potentials and shortcomings of free, libre, secure software (FLOSS) documentation tools.

Best wishes

Janvier Hakizimana ( PhD Candidate)

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Hi everyone

im Peg, and i am part of a small team developing ‘Dark Crystal’ - a mechanism for backing up secrets such as cryptographic keys using trust within your social network.

We are interested to make links with privacy-focused software projects in the human rights domain, as we think that the techniques we’ve been working on can make encryption tools safer and easier to use.

We know that there are some great projects in the community surrounding Huridocs, so wanted to pop on here and say hello.

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Hello everyone!

I am Jöran, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Before I have worked with PBI, OHCHR and SweFOR in Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico, but at the moment human rights is mostly a hobby.

I am mostly interested in how Open Data can be leveraged to improve human rights reporting, and recently got involved with Wikidata’s Human Rights project: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:WikiProject_Human_rights

Looking forward to talk with you all.

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